Israeli Psychological Clinic for Psychotherapy and Comprehensive Sport Psychology.

Ha'achayot 10, Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Tel. 0548151001 Fax. 036429184

E- mail: noam548151001@gmail.com


The RAMATSHARON Clinic founded by Noam Eyal, Israeli clinical psychologist, expert in psychodynamic & strategic therapies, and sport & exercise counseling. The clinic, located in the city of Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, offers discreet and accessible private clinic services. RAMATSHARON was born out of commitment to follow comprehensive understanding as well as efficient mental treatment techniques, echoing professionally the field of psychology as evolutional creation, molded humans as movement craving entities, discourse immersed, and memories driven.

Among the Clinic Special expertise's we offer emergency supportive Psychotherapy, "Know yourself" Pre psychotherapy personal clinical evaluation, Extreme Activities counseling, Body focused Psychotherapy, Comprehensive Sport Psychology Services; all the above are psychological innovations in Israel, created in the clinic.

The clinic maintains extensive connections and collaborations services with governmental and other public agencies, academic institutions, medical services, Israel Olympic Comity, professional and amateurs sport clubs, sport academies, schools.

Clinical and Training Services

The Clinic offers Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, Strategic Psychotherapy, Body Focused Psychotherapy, Emergency Psychotherapy, Psychological Evaluations for individuals from the age of 12. Supervision for individuals practicing the above psychotherapies.

Comprehensive Sport Psychology Center

The Sport Counseling Center offers comprehensive Sport psychology services: Performance enhancement for all kinds of athletes from all branches of sport at every age, Diagnostic profiles for athletes future performance evaluation, Athletes Group dynamics, Organizational support directed to coaches team managers and other staff members, Team support at crisis situations, Psychological matching for competitive and leisure sport activities, Extreme challenging adventures and combat activities mental preparation, Disabled sports specializations.

Training Learning & Internship Center

Variety training and internship possibilities in competitive sport psychology:

Experts Program in Sport Psychology Counseling; for Psychologists and other previously Psychotherapy or Counseling trained individuals at different expertise levels. Supervised field work included.

Sport Activists Program in Exercise & Sport Psychology; for individuals working volunteering or supporting athletes at wide range sport circles such as arenas, clubs, schools, army and media.

"Sport Counselor" Training Program; A totally new occupation in the world of sport, designed to improve young and adult's sport selection, directed by a "Sport Counselor"; highly trained specialist in sport matching.

Sport Psychology Supervision Program; On demand service for group or individuals practicing Sport Psychology.

Workshops, Lectures on subjects familiar with RAMATSHARON fields of expertise's.